Eco.Kid Organics – the natural way to give nasty head lice the flick

Eco.Kid organics lice products

Eco.Kid organics lice products

I never thought I would be a person with a great deal to say on the subject of head lice, but it turns out that after two years of schooling, I have become that person. Here’s what I want to say: I HATE HEAD LICE. If you don’t hate them yet, rest assured, that day will come. When it does, you’ll need ammunition.

There are two schools of thought on head lice. The first is not to use chemicals. Chemicals increase resistance in lice, and eventually will breed a new race of super-lice who will take over the world, one school or preschool at a time. I did try combing them out with cheap conditioner every second day for a fortnight, but the nits just never went away and now I want the head lice version of DDT to get rid of them. (And there you have the second school of thought on the whole itchy subject).

Wherever you currently sit on the spectrum, you’ll be pleased to hear about a range of organic hair products for kids from Eco.Kid. They produce not just an organic Lice Bomb (even the name makes me want to use it), but a range of hair care products especially formulated to make hair unattractive to lice and help prevent the problem before it gets started. The range includes products you would use on children in the course of everyday life (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and shaping paste) – but with the bonus of knowing you’re doing your part in preventing itchy heads.

See the full haircare range and buy online from Eco.Kid Organics.

Eco.Kid organics lice products

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