Eco friendly play with Three Mice cardboard toys

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Cardboard Toys

Toys made from cardboard are popping up everywhere and this is a trend I can really get behind. It’s strong, eco-friendly and lightweight enough so kids can be totally in control of their own play without needing parental help to move stuff.

It’s safe to presume that Three Mice are also fans of this trend as the Polish-based company make only cardboard toys. Artists Farida and Chris Dubiel started Three Mice and, along with their four children, are involved in every step of the design and testing process.

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Three Mice are passionate about using environmentally friendly materials and making toys that will biodegrade when no longer needed. Being artists, aesthetics are really important to them and this is clear in the simple beauty of their creations.

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If you are interested in buying any of their made-in-Poland toys, contact Three Mice direct and they can get you sorted.

Want more covetable Polish toy brands? Then check our past posts on Kalimba, Bajo and Miniio.

play house

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