Eco-friendly Dickens bookcases to brighten your life

Reinhard Dienes Dickens bookcases

What is the difference between a pretty good kid’s room and a really great kid’s room? I guess there are lots of answers to that question but for me, the answer is always – STORAGE!

On one hand it seems as though it shouldn’t be difficult to find great storage and display solutions for children’s bedrooms – there are certainly plenty of items on the market. The complicating factor though, is that kids grow up quickly and often something that seemed like a great idea for a toddler is looking decidedly dated by the time they hit school. What’s more, most of us have to constantly find ways to repurpose the furniture in our homes – something that was in a bedroom moves into a hallway or a living area, or back again.

These Dickens bookcases from German designer Reinhard Dienes tick all the right boxes. Unlike most standard bookcases, they are actually a design feature in themselves – interesting to look at, with plenty of bright colours to choose from. They are made entirely from layered cardboard, so although they are strong enough to take heavy books and ornaments, they are also totally recyclable. You won’t want to recycle them though, unless simply to another room.  You can love them for all of those reasons, but your children might just love them because (in the words of my son), “it looks just like a robot!”

You can get your hands on one from Fashion4Home for US$239. While you’re there, check out the range of sideboards in the same collection (US$209) – great for the things you actually want the kids to be able to reach. International postage prices are available on request.

Reinhard Dienes Georgia sideboards

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