Eco Chic Plan Toys Green Dollhouse


Dollhouses used to be a girls-only domain. Times are changing rapidly and green company Plan Toys is at the forefront of dollhouse design for the modern tot, whether they’re a boy or a girl. All their dollhouses feature modern, clean lines with no overtly gender-related aspects. There’s no frilly pinks or surfer dude blues here – just a mixture of all colours against a predominantly wood background. My daughter has her own Plan Toys Chalet Dollhouse and I cannot say enough about the quality of this company.

Plan Toys have just released their newest design, a Green Dollhouse. This dollhouse is beyond cool with all of its eco-friendly accessories including a wind turbine, roof solar panel, shade canopy to let in light or block out wind, a rainwater tank and a converter for generating electricity. It’s coloured with non-toxic, water-based dyes and the packaging is completely recycled.

Wow, the mind boggles at how much good children could glean from playing with such a toy. Imagination mixed with fun and real-life enviromental issues is an excellent way of teaching children to care about our planet.

The Green Dollhouse marries well with Plan Toys, the company which practices the ‘Three Rs’ of green living: reduce, reuse and recycle. The company only uses sustainable wood and produces its products with social and environmental awareness.

To purchase this fantastic dollhouse, head to Bébé, who have just received their first shipment. The dollhouse with all furniture is priced at $419.95.


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