Eazy Bean – uber groovy beanbags


In my opinion, beanbags are an interior design classic and every house should have at least one. Through many reinterpretations and redesigns over the years, one feature has remained the same: comfort. That’s what beanbags are all about.

I had one growing up and it was perfect for a lazy afternoon nap or a comfy place to sit and play with my collection of dolls. My daughter now has one in her room and it’s become the reading corner. All books get read on her lovely beanbag – with me squished in on one side!


In saying that, we here at Babyology love the ‘beans’ that have been created and designed by Eazy Bean since 1993. They’re funky and unique, for young and old alike. Choose from ‘Old Reliable’ which features a large pocket perfect for all those little knicknacks kids love to cart around with them – princess collection anyone? Or how about ‘Smile’ that will make you grin everytime you see the happy face. I personally fancy the ‘Fresh Produce’ range which has almost a grocery store full of fruit and vegies to choose from: apple, lemon, orange, lavenderberry, blueberry or a tomato perhaps? Eazy Bean’s baby range of pillows and blankets is worth checking out as well.

Prices start at US$220 from Modernseed plus postage to Australia, with each style available in both child and adult sizes. With options abounding, it doesn’t hurt to know that Eazy Bean’s beans are produced with quality materials and outstanding workmanship. These floor chairs will last and last – check out the gorgeous video below to see for yourself.

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