Earthlings Take a Stand

Although at first it is annoying, do you ever end up enjoying a black-out?  In the absence of electrically generated light it ends up being quite a novelty to shine a torch, light some candles and enjoy the darkness. It is a pleasure to have some time away from the TV to perhaps play a board-game by candle light or venture outside to admire the stars.

Tonight at 8pm why not join the millions of people across the world who will participate in Earth Hour, an initiative that aims to make a statement against coal-fired electricity which is the greatest contributor to global warming. Last year 2.2 million Sydney-siders proudly started this now world-wide annual event by turning the lights off and if you remember the television footage and newspaper pictures, the hour of darkness was spectacular. Normally we marvel in the lights and fireworks of Sydney Harbour, but this time we were in awe of its darkness. This one hour of darkness resulted in a 10.2% reduction in energy across Sydney.

What better way to introduce your little earthlings to the big difference that their small contributions can make to our world by joining in this event. You could start this great family activity by going to Earth Hour’s web-site and registering for the event. Although not compulsory, if you register, your contribution can be officially counted and you also get access to some great tips of what to do during Earth Hour. The fun doesn’t stop after your hour of darkness. You have the opportunity to submit your photos to the web-site and follow up on just how much energy you helped save.

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