Just for the little ones – Earlybirds Organics clothing for premature babies

Earlybirds Travel Nest Organic

I love dressing my baby in something comfortable that is also stylish and cute. But if you have a conversation with a parent of a premmie, they’ll tell you that’s no easy feat. Finding stylish baby clothes that are small enough for your tiny babe is hard enough, let alone clothing that feels nice on their skin and is made with quality materials.

A fellow premmie mum, Lynda Day, discovered a distinct gap in the market for nice clothing for premature babies when her son was born 10 weeks early. So Lynda created Earlybirds – a range of clothing especially for premmies and small babies. We’ve shared some of Earlybirds range with you before.

From NICU friendly tops, cosy sleeping bags and bodysuits, to beanies and socks, Earlybirds has a great range of clothing and accessories made for your own little early bird – sizing starts at 800g up to 3500g. Earlybirds has also been accredited by the Infant Nursery Products Association of Australia (INPAA).

Earlybirds Organic Jumpsuit

The Earlybirds range is made with input from neonatal specialists, so the baby doesn’t need to be disturbed or undressed to attach NICU monitors. The organics collection goes one further and is also made with premium soft organic cotton. The organics jumpsuit is available for $27.95 and features fold down mittens, an eyelet opening down the front and a layette design so you can easily change nappies while not expending too much of the baby’s energy.

The Earlybirds travel nest is also a great find. The travel nest allows you to keep your precious bundle cosy and safe while moving from the house to car to pram and back again. Since it’s made from organic cotton, as well as being warm, it is perfect for precious newborn skin. The travel nest is $55.95.

You can purchase the travel nest, jumpsuit and more of the Earlybirds range from Organic Babe.

Organic Jumpsuit Earlybirds


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