Dwink – stop the spillage!

Spilt juice, stained outfits and and sticky floors at drink time can be
avoided when you employ the services of the charmingly-named
Toddlers instinctively squeeze any item they’re holding so their tiny
hands can keep a grip on items that are often designed for and
by adults. It’s easy to think a popper is an easy and healthy
convenience when out and about, until the inevitable spouting
over carefully selected outfits and immaculate prams occurs. Children
will be proud to be tidily sipping without a parent hovering around
in mess-prevention mode!

Dwink will keep your child’s popper, soy milk or any other kind of
drink pouch snugly contained while held by the comfort grip
handles. It has a non-slip base, can be put into the dishwasher and
comes in orange, pink, purple and blue. Grab one in each colour to
put in the car, pram, at Grandma’s and at home. Sized for a universal
fit, simply turn an extra-small pouch 90 degrees for a nice
firm fit.

Save on cleaning and washing for a mere $9.95 each from
Metro Mum.

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