Driveway Safety – your children are counting on you to Supervise, Separate & See!


Tragedy can strike in just seconds when small children mix with home driveways.  An accident that happens in a blink of an eye can change lives forever, so it’s important to always be vigilant about your driveway activity and routine. Driveway Safety is an easy three step routine to be driveway-safety aware and prevent heartbreak occurring in our driveways.

Transport for NSW’s new Driveway Safety campaign can’t be adopted by families quick enough. enough. On average, two young children per year are killed in driveway incidents in NSW each year. Around 50 children are killed or seriously injured in driveways across Australia every year. It’s a heartbreaking statistic for accidents that may be so easily avoided if we just focus., even in the midst of our most harried of moments. After all, what’s an extra minute or two when it means the difference between leaving safely or having the unthinkable happen? The catchy three point Supervise, Separate, See (SSS) check list is an easy way to zone in on driveway safety:

SUPERVISE – supervise children near vehicles. If children are around a driveway, either have another adult actively supervise them by holding their hands or moving them to an area and signalling to you they’re accounted for, or buckle your child into the vehicle before moving it.

SEPARATE – separate play areas from driveways. Don’t use the driveway as a play area, treat it the same as you would a road. For the sake of safety boundaries, let the kids cover the back verandah with their sidewalk chalk rather than the driveway concrete. High handles, self closing doors, locked gates and fences all make sure no small children can sneak through to areas of potential danger.

SEE – where children are at all times. Many new cars now have reversing cameras which, while handy, shouldn’t be relied on for complete vision,. Every car has tricky blind spots and we all know children can be super fast on their feet! Take a few extra seconds to walk full circle around your car before starting it to ensure the path is completely clear.

Of course, driveway safety vigilance isn’t just about us and our own homes, be aware when visiting any areas where you know young children are present. Supervise, Separate, See is also a message for grandparents and carers to take on board and exercise – you can never, ever be too careful or cautious where curious and quick children are concerned.

Helping to launch the important Driveway Safety campaign is the Georgina Josephine Foundation and one of Australia’s favourite tradies, Scott Cam – see his video below explaining just how important driveway safety is for protecting our precious littlest people.

For more information on Driveway Safety and how to put Supervise, Separate, See into place in your home, head on over to the Transport for NSW Driveway Safety page.

(This is a sponsored post for Transport for NSW)

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