Drew Barrymore’s relatable kid-free moment: “I feel like I am breaking the law”

Drew Barrymore at the Ritz Carlton

Ever found yourself in an unexpected, child-free moment feeling strangely naked, at a loss and almost… guilty? Drew Barrymore feels your weirded-out (yet delighted) feels!

Me time

While having a little “me time” is a vital sanity saver for most mums and dads, there’s no doubt that such moments sometimes feel a little foreign. Not only are things strangely quiet, oddly empty and totally pester-free – a contrast to the usual intensity of parenting – there’s the confusing conundrum of not being quite sure how to best make the most of this precious time!

Drew Barrymore found herself in one of these unplanned, few-and-far-between situations recently. Alone in a hotel room, sans kiddos, she did what most mums would do – took to Instagram and… talked about her kids!

“Do you ever have that moment as a parent, where you have a few minutes to lay in bed and read a magazine at a hotel, and your like “how am I not chasing the kids around? How am I stealing a few minutes to myself? When is this going to end? And why do I feel like I am breaking the law?” #mommoment #momenttomyself #savior #backonin30 #kidsbacksoon” Drew posted alongside a pic of herself, looking pretty weirded-out.

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Alone at last?

It does not go unnoticed that an unprepared solo Drew grabbed the nearest “thing to do” – the hotel magazine as she set about doing Me Time, Barrymore style.

This is a rookie move, but understandable. More experienced mums will know that as the years roll on, we grasp these snippets of time with more (desperate?) unbridled fervour and make the most of every second in less tentative, much more irreverent ways.

There may even be whooping and jumping on the bed!

Precious time

Drew’s followers completely related to the actor’s “Alone at last! But what to do?!” parent feels.

“Pretty much the best moments ever #ridtheguilt#wedeserveit,” one wrote.

“Take the moments when you have them,” another sagely advised.

“Yes and you waste your precious time overthinking the situation lol… or get anxiety and get bored…” one mum chortled.

She could not be more RIGHT!

How about you? Have you found yourself in a solo, stolen moment – overwhelmed with indecision or thoughts of your kids?! What’s your kid-free moment, go-to activity?!

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