Dot Pot – the stylish way to toilet train

We’ve hit the terrible Ts in our house. In case you’re wondering, that’s short for terribly stubborn two-year-old who refuses to be toilet-trained. Yes, I know she’ll go when she’s ready. It’s just that when you add a nappy-wearing baby and our non-self-cleaning dog to the mix, I’m ready for her to be ready right now! So I’m wondering whether these terribly chichi little potties might do the trick.

More than just a natty-looking potty, this little toilet trainer from Belgium company Baby Matters is clever too.  The colourful handle serves a double purpose – it’s a  comfy backrest for your child when in potty mode and then makes for much easier emptying afterwards. When your toddler is ready to tackle the next step, simply pop the Dot Pot’s seat out and use it on the grown-up toilet to make the transition a little less scary.

Then just turn the pot part over, as seen below in this cute little picture from Varpunen’s blogspot, and you have a handy and sturdy little step stool that’s just the thing for helping little learners clamber on and off the toilet, for washing hands in the bathroom or for any other number of uses. The inventors even suggest using it as a “pretty storage basket” once its outgrown use as potty. Hmmmm, we’re not quite sure about that one…

The Dot Pot costs a lot more in Euros than the generic plastic potty my daughter’s currently shunning and it isn’t available in Australian yet (double drats!). But if you simply must have one, you can find a list of European stockists here.

(via Ohdeedoh)

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