Doomoo Buddy – Feeding Pillow

The doomoo Buddy is a multifunctional cushion for parents and babies. Soft, squishy
and incredibly comfortable the cushion will quickly become a necessity. They are funky and comfortable in a way that regular feeding and support pillows are not, you will not be embarrassed to have this out when guests are over. This is the nicest feeding pillow I’ve ever seen.

Firstly it provides
unrivalled comfort for you as your body changes through pregnancy. 
Light, soft and flexible you will find it easy to relax and get a good
night’s sleep. Then, whether you’re breast or bottle feeding you can
use it as a support cushion either on your lap or behind your head and
shoulders. Once your baby’s a bit older, they can use it to lie on, for
tummy time and to help them sit.

The combination of the micro-beans and the ultra-soft exterior means
that it moulds to fit every bump, every lap and every little person.

At a cost of US$100, its a lot to spend but will comfort you during pregnancy, help prevent backache during the early months, and its something the kids will use for relaxing when they are older. 

The colors are very cool in navy/lime, ivory/beige, navy/blue, or
hot/petal pink. Not yet available in Australia but sure to be here soon. See more details on Doomoo from the UK website Babyworld.

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