Don’t scratch! Itchibubs clothing for toddlers and babies with eczema


Parents of children who suffer from eczema will know only too well the scratching that occurs around the clock. The struggle of preventing children from tearing at their exposed skin is often fruitless but for those with toddlers and babies aged two and under, Itchibubs is coming to your rescue.

My son’s chronic severe eczema has been an endless battle for all of his eight years and we have scarring beyond belief, thanks to the horrid inflammatory skin condition and associated scratching at it. With Itchibubs there are no more mittens being lost or socks heating up aggravated skin, because this clever crew have smartly built in that vital hand and feet coverage.

A clothing collection made from organic pure cotton using chemical free dyes, the Itchibubs collection reduce the risk of damaged skin through scratching by preventing contact being made with hand enclosed tops for boys and girls ($26) and jumpsuits. Itchibubs’ enclosed hand sleeves are sewn at the end to form loose mittens – it’s also worth noting that the seams are flat, preventing irritation. Pants are the same with ‘feet’ attached for feet and ankle protection, which is great – if there’s an itch, kids will scratch it!

Suitable for children aged up to two years, you can see the whole collection, including regular mitten-less tops and bottoms, at Itchibubs. If you need clothes for older children, check our previous post about skin-friendly clothing for kids with eczema and other skin conditions.


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