WATCH: Fascinating video of sweet cocooned baby born in amniotic sac

baby born en caul with intact amniotic sac

Childbirth is rarely described as peaceful, but this picture is the very essence of it. Quite possibly the most amazing video clip you’ll see of an amniotic birth folks, this little guy doesn’t even know he’s arrived!

A mind blowing 30-second clip shows just how clever our bodies are – and just how magnificent and fascinating birth can be. This sweet baby cocooned snug in his sac has been delivered into the big wide world and appears to be none the wiser.

Video of en caul baby born inside amniotic sac

Incredibly rare, an amniotic birth (or birth en caul) is when the baby is delivered with the amniotic sac still intact. The baby is perfectly safe, receiving oxygen via the umbilical cord and warmed by surrounding fluid. In medieval times, it was thought that such babies were bound for greatness, and that the presence of the caul would make them lucky and protect against drowning. Usually the sac ruptures during a vaginal birth or is pierced by the doctor’s scalpel during a caesarean section, making this glimpse of their inside world truly magical – we can’t help but wonder what it must have been like to have witnessed those waters breaking!

If you’re fascinated and eager for more, here’s another en caul birth post and video.

(via Céu de Borboletas Facebook)




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