Dogs of Instagram – the pooches that have better hair than most of us

You know those before and after shots that prove just how incredible a hair cut can make you look, when you go from looking like an absolute dishevelled mess to a gorgeous goddess in a matter of hours?

Well, these photos are like that. But for dogs.

From pretty ‘ruff’  to pictures of ‘paw-fection’, you need to show these to the kids!

Grace Chon is the first to admit that she likes dogs better than most people. And it is from her love of dogs that she has found the inspiration for her most recent photo series, Hairy.

dog makeovers 7 athena

Hairy focuses on nine dogs as they are transformed into glowing doggesses (that’s a dog goddess, for those who are not into word fusions). Grace enlists the help of several talented groomers, many of whom are trained in Japanese grooming style. Each cut takes hours and all styling is done with hand scissoring.

But of course, the kids won’t care about any of that. They’ll just care that these fur balls are impossibly cute.

So, just what hairstyles are trending for dogs these days? Let us catch you up to speed.

The Comb-over

dog makeover 2 rocco

Meet Rocco. Rocco is modelling the ever-popular comb-over, which allows Rocco to get more in touch with his softer side, all the while highlighting his narrow face.

Because that’s what all dogs care about.

The Teddy Bear

dog makeover 3 biggie

Next on the dog walk we have Biggie Smalls. The loveable Biggie Smalls is clearly adoring his new cut, which makes him look even more like a stuffed toy than ever before. It’s not quite gangsta, but it’s certainly turning heads.

The Flathead

dog makeover 4 lana

Here we have Lana who was a little down in the dog dumps with her dishevelled tresses.

Look at Lana now! She is not only sporting a new do, but a new attitude as well.  It’s amazing what a pair of scissors and a little hair gel can do for a gal’s self esteem.

The Wind in Your Hair

dog makeover 6 teddy

Next we have Teddy, who clearly got in a fight with the blow dryer (and lost) to perfect this look. Teddy’s new coif really highlights his massive wide brown eyes. Looking sharp Teddy.

The Anna

dog makeover1

Up next is Yuki, who models a popular look for little Frozen fans everywhere – the Anna. Because what dog wouldn’t want to have her hair plaited?

The Aniston

dog makeover 5 nala

The stunning Nala showcases a daring chop as she trades in her long locks for something fresh and fun. Nala isn’t afraid to experiment with her hair style and we’re simply loving her heart-shaped bob, a la Jennifer Aniston circa 1999.

The Stud

dog makeover raider

And then there is Raider, who looks like he would rather clean up baby vomit than have his fur chopped off and his photo taken.

So, Babyologists, which hair style will you be trying on your dog’s tresses?

And which dog is your kid’s favourite? Raider wins in my books.

Check out Grace’s complete series through her Instagram page and make sure you also check out some of the photos from a pet salon that turns your pet into a dinosaur.

(via Instagram)

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