DIY Dolls – make them your own!


It’s funny how some things you don’t see for years, then suddenly they pop up all over the place. The Matryoshka (Russian nesting dolls) have been around forever; as we all know, the little hand-painted families are collectibles, and slowly they’re gaining more popularity with young and old.

Urban Outfitters gives you the opportunity to create your own Matryoshka family with a set of five plain wooden dolls, just waiting to be livened up any way you like. The dolls are made from wood so you can use any medium you like – be it paint, crayon, or pencil. You could even decoupage if you felt the need – it’s all up to you!

I personally think this would make an excellent school holiday project in my home. I’d be quite interested to see what each of my kids comes up with – I think it would be a family of fairies for one, and a line up of distorted monster characters for another.

Whichever way you think they’d turn out in your home, you can nab yourself a set of five little beings from Urban Outfitters from US$16.00. Shipping to Australia is not yet available so a reshipper will be required.

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