5 adorable items your bub needs to keep (stylishly) cool all summer long

You know warm weather is ahead once you are able to finally pack the little jackets, socks and beanies of your baby’s cold winter wardrobe away – but don’t be fooled into believing that it’s all t-shirts and bare legs from now until next April!

The endlessly changeable weather can make it tricky to know how to dress your baby so they’re comfortable at all times . One minute, it’s gloriously warm, the next it’s breezy and cool. It’s hard to work out whether you’re overdressing your baby, or if he’s freezing his chubby toes off. With a few key pieces in your nappy bag, you’ll be ready for whatever summer throws at you.

We love the divinely soft, breathable muslin pieces from aden and anais. They’re great for layering, which makes them ideal all year round.


The Short Sleeve Kimono is a perfect summer piece. Designers have added spandex to the brand’s signature soft cotton muslin to create a sort of super fabric with stretch and breathability. The overlapping fabric across the chest gives the little wearer more warmth, but the short sleeves let her flap her arms freely in the summer sunshine.

The kimono comes in a range of prints – there are soft silver stars on white, comic book style lightning bolts or pretty butterflies. Snaps down the front and on the legs make for quick nappy changes, and like every cotton muslin piece, the kimono gets softer after every wash. For a limited time aden and anais is offering 40% off all their breathable muslin clothing range.


If you find yourself out and about and the kimono isn’t enough, the classic Dream Blanket fits neatly in the pram for an extra layer of warmth. Actually it’s four layers of cotton muslin, making this aden and anais’s softest, plushiest baby blanket.

The Dream Blanket is a versatile piece. It’s good to wrap around your baby when a breeze picks up, but it also makes a handy surface for nappy changes, or for impromptu picnics in the park.

There are plenty of pattern options for this blanket, from giraffes, to colourful elephants amid giant flowers, to subdued sprinklings of stars.



Whether at home or out, never find yourself without one of aden and anais’s classic Burpy Bibs. They’re absorbent and wipe up all manner of spills. Their curved design means they fit neatly over your shoulder to catch rejected, ejected milk. The Burpy Bib also has snaps at the back and makes a handy bib that’s breathable and generously oversized.


What to put on your baby for bed in summer is no easier than day. The breathable classic Sleeping Bag or bamboo muslin from aden and anais are the perfect pieces. The sleeping bags slip easily over a baby’s pyjamas, and the zipper opens from the bottom for stealthy midnight nappy changes.

The prints for this sleeping bag are restful patterns on a white background. There are tiny navy and khaki whales, floppy bunnies and clusters of silvery grey stars. There are 16 prints to choose from in the classic muslin and three from the bamboo muslin range.

With this collection of gear from aden and anais, you and your baby are ready for summer.

(This is a sponsored post for aden and anais)

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