Divide and conquer uneven cake slices with the Klipy

Klipy cake divider

Klipy cake divider

Need a helping hand when it comes to perfectly slicing a birthday cake? Click through for a secret weapon.

It’s rather impossible for us to hide our complete obsession with all things party-related at Babyology. Just have a quick browse through our Show us your party posts and you’ll get the gist. So anything that can make parties even slightly easier gets a big tick from us.

Klipy cake divider

So here it is, one of those little gadgets that might not seem such a big deal, but may save you so many headaches at party time. It’s a cake divider. Ingenious! The Klipy cake divider can divide a cake into six, eight, ten or fourteen equal pieces. So no squabbling over who got the biggest piece. It’s available in pink or green, for US$13.99 from Animi Causa, which has free worldwide delivery.

(via Bless This Stuff)

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