Ditching the baby weight with Michelle Bridges 12WBT

Mandi Gunsberger

 Mandi Gunsberger

Why is shifting those last few kilos of baby weight so hard? (This is a sponsored post.)

I was lucky enough to be blessed with my third gorgeous girl eighteen months ago. Our new addition has made life even more fast paced, but one thing that hasn’t happened quickly enough for my liking is ditching the last of the baby weight (I blame those chocolate cravings!).

So I’ve decided to try the Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Transformation to give it a kick along. Five weeks into the beginners’ program of the twelve-week challenge, I’ve lost 2.5kg and feel great.

The plan is really easy to follow, with suggested recipes for every meal and snack (and meal plans for special dietary requirements, including pregnant and breastfeeding mums). I am loving the yummy recipes, and have found a few favourites I like to make regularly rather than follow all the suggested recipes each day.

A weekly shopping list is provided, which would be a real timesaver. I am not using it though, as I’m not following the meal plan in its entirety – instead, I’m making the same meals a few times a week. The great thing is that my entire family – all three kids, including the baby – are eating the same meals as me. Our favourites are the bircher muesli and homemade baked beans.

The 12WBT asks for six days of exercise a week, but with three small children and a busy business to run, I’m managing to work out four to five times a week. The workout plans are tailored to a variety of fitness levels, from beginner to exercise fanatic and everything in between. I work out from 6-7am most days, as that’s the only time I can squeeze it in.

Two other members of the Babyology team have also joined me on the program so we can spur each other on, and this is working really well. It’s great to have others for encouragement and support, not to mention the weekly weigh-ins! Of course if you don’t have a friend to join in, you still aren’t going it alone – the forums are full of enthusiastic 12WBTers and experts to lend a helping hand.

Michelle Bridges also does really helpful weekly videos that provide heaps of motivation. I have a goal of 6kg total weight loss, so am well on track achieve that.

The next round starts on May 5, but you can sign up now for ‘pre-season’. Well worth a look if, like me, you want your pre-baby body back (or something like it, anyway!).

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