Discover paper utopia at Paper Source

Babyology readers, you will have to excuse my excitement. If you are a fellow paper fanatic then you best prepare yourselves for the holy grail of super fun paper products! There’s something for every one, every age and every taste at this perfect paper utopia.

We have fellow reader Megan to thank for showing us the way to Paper Source. My mind fills with plenty of fun ideas for my children as I peruse the virtual aisles. I love to incorporate a craft idea into a birthday party or a play date and I think the Royal Crowns kit or the Puppies and Kittens Place Card Set (both pictured above)  will fit the bill perfectly.

I think I’ll definitely purchase a couple of the Dots Paper Chain Kit for the lead-up to Christmas. These will be perfect strewn over the Christmas tree, not to mention handy for occupying the kids in their not-so-patient lead up to the big day. I also love the Thumbprint Notecard Set for myself, of course.

Paper Source has a myriad of superb gift ideas for crafty children and adults alike. Children will delight in Paper Doll kits, Diary Suitcase kits, rubber stamps and art supplies. For adults there are invitations, stationery, photo albums and even custom printing of invites or announcements.

To see the monstrous range of paper delights visit Paper Source. The Dots Paper Chain kit is already in my cart and priced at US$12. Delivery is available to Australia (thank goodness!).

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