Difrax BtoB breast pump – effective, compact and subtle as well

Ah, expressing. When I decided to express some of my breastmilk, a whole new world opened up. I could go down the street baby free and not stress about rushing back to feed my little munchkin if I got delayed. And, joy of joys, it gave me an occasional night off while others took care of the night waking. But the machine I hired was mighty loud and not at all discreet so I hid myself (and my boobs!) away each time. A subtle little breast pump like this one would’ve been very handy.

Difrax developed the BtoB breast pump with the help of some mums and a medical team. It is called the BtoB breast pump because it is an easy way to transfer mother’s milk from breast to baby.

Difrax BtoB breast pump

The beauty of it is there is no need for undressing and it is easy to use, hands free and super quiet!

You simple position the breast pump and S-bottle next to you and place the breast shell under your bra. The shell comes in three sizes so you can choose one that fits you best.

The pump has eight different, adjustable suction levels. Like most pumps, it starts operating in lactation mode and then automatically switches over to the expressing mode after three minutes (but you can bypass the lactation mode if you’re in a rush).

Difrax BtoB breast pump

The machine runs on mains current as well as batteries so there is no need to worry about finding a power plug if you’re out and about.

I’m not currently breastfeeding so I can’t give it a go, but it sure sounds good to me. The BtoB breast pump is available locally from Kids Lifestyle for $279.95.

Angie Hanke

Angie Hanke

Angie worked in corporate communications before having her daughter and deciding to throw caution to the wind and pursue a writing career. She enjoys playing with her little munchkin and hanging out with friends and family. She also loves writing poetry about motherhood, even though she knows it makes her a big soppy dork!

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