The (not so secret) diary of a toddler

Ah, toddlers. For such little humans, these mischievous creatures manage to create so much havoc. They’re busy little bees, and their days are bursting with new discoveries and mayhem. On any given day, a toddler’s life looks a little like this…

A day in the life of a toddler

  • Open eyes. Still dark. Get up anyway.

toddlers in bed with parents sl

  • Climb into mum’s bed, find the warmest spot and lay in it spread eagled.
  • Bored. Can’t sleep. Force mum’s eyes open … MORNING MUMMY!!
  • No response. Poo in my nappy.
  • Nappy changed. Finish my poo.
  • Nappy changed again.


  • Mum’s taking a shower, time for breakfast. Picnic style. This stuff looks delicious, why do we only give it to the dog?


  • Mum decides I need an actual breakfast. Not happening.

toddler phase FB cover

  • Decide the bathroom needs redecorating.

toddler messy

  • And my face needs updating.

toddler park escaping sl

  • Mum says we need to get out of the house. Head to the park. Immediately search for escape route.

  • Go shopping. Hate shopping. Let everyone know I hate shopping.


  • Mum says I need a nap. Have I got news for her!
  • Instead of sleeping, set all the toys in my room free.

toddler eating sl

  • Reject lunch. Decide to only eat white foods from now on.

toddler swimming sl

  • Swimming lessons – my favourite! Do more poo.
  • Mum has an appointment, perfect time to take a car nap. Car naps are the best!

toddlers fighting sl

  • Play date. Must play with all the things.


  • Dinner time. Nothing white on offer. What kind of establishment is this?! Food strike ensues.
  • Bath is running. Bedtime is coming. Must. Hide.
  • Captured, cleaned and cuddled. Bath time not so bad after all.

toddler tired yawn sl

  • Story time. What a great yarn … wonder how … it … endzzzzz…
  • Night, night. For now …

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