Desperate for grandchildren? Send the kids on a baby-making holiday!

With tongue firmly in cheek, we give you one of the most inventive ways to sell holidays, and try and halt Denmark’s declining birth rate. Danish mums are being urged to send their adult children on sunny vacations, with the hope they’ll be rewarded with grandkids nine months later. 

In an ad by Danish travel company Spies Rejser, wannabe grandmothers are bombarded with all sorts of heart-string-tugging moments. “You were there when your son learned how to walk,” the voice over explains, “…when he learned to ride a bike.” But here’s where things get a little uncomfortable…

babymaking holiday

What’s a mother to do? Spies Rejser is glad you asked! Send your son on a holiday, in the hopes he’ll make you a grandchild, of course! The ad is full of fun ‘facts’, like more people have sex on a sunny vacation. And that an active vacation further increases sex drive.

babymaking holiday3

Even those without a partner are encouraged to holiday forth and multiply – you just never know what can happen on vacation. The ad is peppered with suggestive positioning and lingering looks, that only ad to its ‘charm’:

The campaign is a follow from an earlier ad by the same company, Do It For Denmark, which was a huge viral success. This time, those in their baby-making prime are targeted with the slogan, ‘if they won’t do it for their country, surely they’ll do it for their mother’. What say you, Babyologists? Clever or cringe-worthy?

babymaking holiday1

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