Designer car seats the next big thing?

In recent years, modern parents have played a pivotal role in the rise
of strollers as the ultimate design accessory.
Precision engineering, safety, stunning looks, unique fabrics and
canvases, versatility and ease of use, are all sought after elements
when we come to choose products for our babies and children. Feast your
eyes then, on what is being heralded as the next big thing in
product design for families – the car seat. Transporting your child is
a big part of how easy or hard your day becomes, and my back has
taken a real beating getting my 15kg child in and out of the car. The
Nestt prototype was created with this daily struggle in mind
and should get pulses racing with its appealing egg-like
shape and superb useability.

Of course it swivels so you can slide the child in, in a way that
won’t strain every muscle in your body. It tilts as well, and all these
adjustments can be done with just one hand. An item as important as a
car seat needs to have safety as its primary focus.
Beneath the sleek styling lies a steel skeleton, providing optimum side
impact protection in the event of an accident. Retractable seatbelts,
washable memory foam and made from just 6 moving parts, there’s not a
lot to go wrong with the revolutionary Nestt.

We can only hope and pray that when these go into production, the
designers at think/thing will consider the Australian market. It
meets US safety standards…let’s petition them to set the Aussie
market on fire with the Nestt. I look forward to seeing the first
car seat here and I can only hope it’s during my childbearing years! I
can imagine changing the covers on this seat ‡la Bugaboo –
different day, different colour.

Check out the informative video on the think/thing website.

Via MoCo Loco

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