Designer bots for bubs!


Since having my youngest, I’ve noticed a growing trend among new mums – they’re going back to ‘old-fashioned’ cloth nappies. Let me be quick to say though, there is absolutely nothing old-fashioned about the beautiful nappies from Minilala.

The cloth nappy concept is the same of old – a reusable, washable nappy that can be just about used forever. It’s the design that has changed in recent times – the modern cloth nappy is all about fit, comfort and ease of use for those with the task of changing bubs. The pocket nappies from Minilala require no pins and there’s no gaping nappy at the thighs, often resulting in awkward mess.

The plus-side with cloth nappies is that they’re fabulous for the environment as they reduce landfill, and they’re great for the hip pocket as they can be used for years and for more than one child. The one size fits most sizing is also ingenious – there’s no having to update sizes as baby grows. And Minilala’s nappies look superb, with twenty eight different fabrics to choose from – perfect for the summer months ahead when many Australian babies spend the day in a nappy and singlet.

Nappies aren’t the only thing Minilala do that’s worth mentioning – there’s also cloth wipes, hair clips and bibs to boot! Nappy prices start at $28.50 with delivery Australia wide. I wish you all luck in choosing your favourite fabrics!


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