Designed School Kids – adopt the habit of writing early in life

Is there anything so lovely as a handwritten note on lovely paper peeping out at you from the letterbox? As a teacher, I see every day how reluctant children are becoming when it comes to handwriting. Will there come a day when we never receive a lovely note in the mail?

Computers have had a huge effect on quality of handwriting and there has been a subtle but definite movement towards reclaiming this skill – there is a Facebook page for fans of hand written letters and membership stands at over fourteen hundred, plus JWT lists handwriting as its #39 Things to Watch in 2010. I still have a photo of my grandmother with her beautiful script on the back. I haven’t seen anything like it in years, as the elaborate writing has been dying out with older generations. Let’s hope this sudden attention to the cause reverses this trend!

Now your young children can write their very own thank you cards, birthday cards and everyday notes with charming stationery from Design Schooled Kids. Pre-writers can experience success with forming letters of their own by tracing over the dotted lines to create their own handwritten note. It’s empowering for them, exciting for the receiver and it sets up a habit of note-sending from early childhood.

Don’t let them get lost completely in the world of email and text as they grow. Valuing older traditions needs to be maintained and modelled by modern parents – just as we adopt new technology, so we should be conscious of the old. Individual cards with envelopes are US$4.95, boxed sets US$19.95, and personalised notes US$23.95 from Design Schooled Kids.

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