Deceptively multifunctional – the Snoop stool

We’ve been talking about the beauty of multifunctional furniture for years and far from being a flash in the pan, we now expect our furniture to do more than one thing, especially if we’re investing the dollars for our children. They move past developmental stages far quicker than we’d like and we don’t want to be stuck with heaps of gear that is no longer useful.

Enter the innocuously cute B-Line Snoop by Karim Rasheed. It might look sweet, but it packs one hell of a design punch by not only acting as a handy stool, but also as a low table with built-in storage and as a stackable multi-component storage feature. Stack enough of these babies together and you have yourself one groovy bookcase!

I’ll have a few in every colour thanks, although I dare say my boys would make it their mission to disassemble and reassemble the Snoops in many different places around the house, They would be fab in a playroom and are particularly great for kids with their rounded edges. The Snoop is made from rotomoulded polyethylene and B-Line adeptly states it has a ‘triple identity’. We wouldn’t disagree!

Hub Furniture is listed as a stockist of B-Line products in Australia so it’s worth a call or email if you want to buy.

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