Dax Shepard shares his dad life morning routine: Screaming, yacht rock, coffee

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

Today we’re going to take you through actor Dax Shepard’s approach to seizing the day, and it’s guaranteed to give you a jolly old cheer up.

For one, Dax is not pretending his life with wife Kristen Bell and the pair’s kids, Lincoln and Delta, is a acai-bowl-filled, meditation-dotted, serene and idyllic example to us all. Secondly, he confesses his love of cheesy tunes is being earnestly passed on to his children. Never forget …

Screaming alarm clocks

So … Mr Shepard, in describing his routine to the good folk at Today, begins at the very beginning (and quite rightly so). First up, Dax reveals his morning alarm is the very cute, very persistent, mildly annoying kind that most parents will be familiar with. He admits that it’s been a huge adjustment, getting used to these cute-faced morning callers.

“I have two kids, two and four years old, so whatever time they start screaming, I then get up and go deal with it. But that averages out to be about 7 o’clock in the morning – which has completely changed my routine, because I’m a bit of a vampire by nature. My circadian rhythms would have them go to bed at 2 and wake up at 10, but that’s off the table.”

kristen bell and dax shepard

Yelling, hair-pulling, teeth

Once he’s admitted defeat and rolled out of bed, Dax gets down to the important tasks at hand. First up he likes to “tend to my yelling child – whichever one that may be.”

After that, it’s the usual suspects, the things on every bleary-eyed parent’s to-do list; “I make them breakfast, then I brush their teeth. Then we get ready, and then we go to school.”

Dax says his youngest daughter, two-year-old Delta, is an inspiration in the kitchen.

“She is an eating machine, and I don’t get self-conscious about how much I’m eating around her, because she’s pretty much matching me bite for bite.” Chip off the old block, indeed.

“We start our day with yacht rock”

Further into the chat with Today, Dax politely recoils when asked about something called “morning traditions”, kindly resisting calling the interviewer an idiot.

Get them ready is our tradition,” he explains. “Someone’s got to feed them and clothe them and make them brush their teeth, but we listen to music in the morning so we usually listen to yacht rock. We start our day with yacht rock. But of course, the holidays are upon us … they do the Christmas songs all month long.”

This encourages some further enthusiastic reveals on the family’s Spotify playlist, and the “morning tradition” misstep is quickly forgotten.

“While we’re eating breakfast, we’ll often listen to yacht rock, but when we get in the car, we usually then switch over to hits. We kind of get everyone fired up for the big day at pre-school. They love Katy Perry; they love Sia. Well, they love Hall and Oates, by the way, which is pretty elevated of them, I think. They’ve got eclectic taste.”

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

Just say no

In a clever approach to NOT torturing himself, Dax says that his kids are starting their music-appreciation with zero input from children’s entertainers.

“What we won’t settle for is those songs made for children. We decided early on, we’re not going to torture ourselves like that. They’re not even aware of that kid music, which I recommend to new parents. Don’t even let them know about it.”

Wise words indeed.

Get it down

Summing up, Dax said there are clear lines between the good bits and the dud bits of the morning.

“My least favorite part is waking up and then my most favorite part is probably the hugging and kissing when I leave pre-school.”

What gets him through those tricky bits?

“Coffee. Starbucks French Roast, in the 18-ounce cup. Just really get as much down as you can.”


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