David Beckham building Harper’s epic Lego set is probably your worst nightmare

The parent Lego struggle is real! Even David Beckham has to face the tiny bricks of hell fun in the name of daddy duties.

The dad of four shared a photo to Instagram on Thursday featuring a truly epic set of Disney castle Lego he was about to start piecing together for six-year-old Harper.

Oh my Disney

“Page 1 of the Disney castle , 4000 pieces 490 pages of instructions I look confused but I’m so excited,” the devoted dad captioned the post.

Like most other parents with young children, he’s obviously been given the time consuming task of putting this Disney masterpiece together for his daughter. Most six-year-olds don’t have the patience for Lego but also the recommended build age for this set is 16+ (!!!) so there was NO WAY Harper was going to get busy with it.

We have a few concerns

Okay, so he’s retired from professional football and fashion designer wife Victoria Beckham is super busy. We get it, he’s excited about building this monster (secretly we all love a bit of Lego building). But we’re pretty worried about your methods David. Firstly, building on a sun lounge and not a level surface? And secondly, what about your back? This is going to take a looong time to build. And how are you going to get it back inside? What if it suddenly rains? We’re also worried you’re going to lose some pieces in the bushes or down the lounge cushions, and there is NOTHING worse than not being able to finish a huge Lego creation because you’re missing bits.

For the love of Lego – take that thing inside and avoid the stress. 

Daddy’s little girl

While the model and former soccer pro is a doting dad to all his children (he also has three son, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz), it’s daughter Harper who appears to have stolen his heart. So it’s no surprise he’s getting stuck into parenting duties for this colossal brick build for her in his down time. 

Gift fit for a princess

Harper’s recent princess themed sixth birthday party at Buckingham Palace was certainly a royal affair for this special little lady, with even real life Princess Eugenie making a guest appearance. We’re guessing the Lego Disney castle was a gift for the birthday girl who obviously has a thing for princesses.

With 4,000 pieces and costing around $500, it’s the Lego set of any little girl’s dreams (we want one – seriously). With features like a stone bridge, arched windows, grandfather clock, mirrors, firework display, spinning wheel, spell books, Cinderella’s glass slipper and a range of minifigs including Mickey Mouse and Daisy Duck with wands and stuff – we’re sure Harper is going to spend HOURS playing with this magical number.

Well, that is unless she tears it all apart in two minutes or David drops it on his way back into the house. Fingers crossed!

Do you spend hours building Lego for your kids?


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