His daughter was bullied, so this dad wrote a rap song to boost her self esteem – but it did much more than that

When father-of-three Khari Touré’s six-year-old daughter was bullied about her appearance at school, he did what most protective parents would do and marched straight to the principal’s office. But he used his anger far more productively – and wrote a catchy rap song that’s being heard around the world.

A poet and singer/songwriter, Khari has released the song Love Yourself as an anthem for children to love, accept and embrace who they are. The song’s chorus is: “I’m beautiful, I’m worthy and those mean words can’t hurt me. I’m priceless, I’m smart and I love myself, I’m focused on my health”.


“When Nia was bullied at her school a few months ago, I became extremely angry. But rather than react with threats and violence, I decided to channel my anger into creating something positive for children who have been bullied,” says Khari on his Facebook page. “I dedicate this song to every boy and girl, to every child who’s been bullied throughout the world. Don’t ever think that you’re worthless, your life has a purpose. There are better days ahead, so don’t be discouraged – be confident.”


The song samples his daughter Nia’s voice and all three of Khari’s daughters – Ashé, 15, Nia, and Maya 2 – star in the accompanying music video. Khari and Nia will perform the song at Nia’s school next week and Khari has agreed to perform at other schools throughout the US to promote the song’s important message.

“Ever since I released this video, I’ve read some emotional responses from people who have been bullied. I’ve even had therapists tell me that they are using the song and video for some their clients,” he says.

“One of the boys in her class is still bullying her, so I walked her to class this morning and spoke with her teacher. I then had a productive meeting with the school principal about implementing an anti-bullying campaign,” says Khari. “When I filmed my video Love Yourself, I never imagined children all over the world would be repeating the chorus.”


The music video has received more than three million views on YouTube so far, with thousands of messages of support and thousands more inspired by the power of the song’s positive affirmations. Watch the clip and see for yourself:

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