“Damn melasma!” Snez shares relatable photo of her postpartum skin

Snez and Willow

The Bachelor Australia favourite Snezana Markoski has been sharing adorable snaps of the baby she made with Bachie Sam Wood, but she’s also sharing some relatable details about her postpartum recovery.


Snezana Markoski

Naturally bronzed

Snez and Sam welcomed their baby girl Willow Wendy Wood on October 11, a baby sister for Eve. Willow is Australia’s first Bachie baby, and her arrival was much-anticipated by fans of the show.

A fresh and adorable new baby is not the only thing this pregnancy hatched. Snez revealed some patchy hyper-pigmentation on her face via an Instagram story yesterday, confirming that she’s now a fully paid-up member of the Melasma Club!

“Damn melasma!” Snez posted. “Oooh well at least I use less bronzer now.”

Melasma – sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy” – is a very common side-effect of pregnancy, affecting  50 to 75 percent of all expectant mums.

We love Snez just a little bit more for sharing her cute bare face like this, and helping to demystify a condition that some mums might feel self-conscious of. A radiant Snez is totally looking on the bright side, noting her melasma is providing a healthy dose of colour to her postpartum cheeks.


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no words ❤️Willow

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Melasma 101

Melasma, also known as cholasma, is caused by hyper-pigmentation as increased estrogen levels produce excessive melanin.

It presents as blotchy, dark, irregular patches on the skin, and generally appears on the forehead, cheeks, nose or lips.

While melasma can afflict anyone, it’s most often seen in women – usually those who are pregnant, ingesting contraception or perimenopausal. This patchy skin discolouration is the only symptom.

Snez isn’t the only high-profile mum who’s been open about how her skin has changed, post-bub. Zoë Foster Blake shared a couple of posts when she was pregnant with baby Rudy detailing her hyper-pigmentation and how she deals with it.

If you have hyper-pigmentation and would like some tips on keeping it a little bit more under control, click through to our Melasma 101 guide.

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I’m sleazing and waddling my way to the Logies next weekend, an event I like to exploit to get my skin looking whatever level is above 'retouched.' I’ve been having regular Omnilux (LED lamp) sessions and lactic peels with Face Boss @melaniegrantdbc for a while to keep pregnancy pigmentation in check, but this week I tried dermaplaning (professional face-shaving of the tiny fine face hairs with a single blade) for the first time, because it’s the kind of thing people like you think beauty-writer people like me, do. Dermaplaning (around $100) is exfoliating, brightening, skin-tone-evening, non-inflammatory (so: great for pigmentation sufferers) helps skin care penetrate better, and makes your skin freakishly smooth (because, um, it’s hairless), meaning your makeup will sit PERFECTLY. Just ask any beauty vlogger worth his or her bronzer: they’re mad for a Japanese Facial Razor or 12. The first question I asked my bud Brooke at @meskinandbody was: will my facial hair grow back worse/coarse? "No. It will not change the number or texture of the hair follicles.” Second: will this hurt? “No." And it didn’t. (Unlike threading, or waxing, or laser.) Third was: Do you have some butter for my hot cross bun? (Brought one in my bag.) Few days on and I'm a luminous, bright, fuzz-free, smooth-skinned slice of facey cherry pie, and I’m juuust modest enough to admit it. Plus, my makeup looks like incredible. Like it's in HD. Long may it continue! (Six weeks, apparently.) Or at least til next Sunday! My earring is stuck to my face in this photo! Faceshaving for Gold! 🏆

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With pregnancy comes pigmentation. (Applause.) I'll keep mine in check with brightening skin care, antioxidants and physical sun protection, (plus regular Omnilux sessions and lactic peels) but I will also just cover it the hell up with foundation and concealer sorcerery. I bought (and recommend) stuff that is creamy, dewy and medium to full coverage, cos I want the brown patches covered, but the rest of the complexion a healthy, natural finish. Don't be tricked into creating a mask just cos you have a few areas of uneven skin tone. 1. Nars Sheer Glow cos it's luminous and medium coverage and I am a longtime fan and it's brilliant. 2. Hourglass Skin Tint cos despite the tube and the tint in its name, it's actually full coverage. Of the dewy kind. Never tried before but love/trust Hourglass so was happy to buy and try. 3. Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer because it's thick, dewy-as, and quite frankly, the best concealer I've ever used for pigmentation and dark circles and other bullshit trying to make me look tired and aged.

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