Dallas dreams and dazzles


Expect to be mesmerised by intricate etchings after reading An Awesome Book, penned by Los Angeles writer and artist Dallas Clayton.

Dreaming is at the core of Clayton’s awe-inspiring first book. Opening with the line ‘There are places in the world where people do not dream of rocket-powered unicorns and candy-cane machines’, the poetic script is married with detailed fantasy drawings of miniature unicorns, flying watermelon boats and jellybean cars.

Written in the vein of Dr Suess, with compelling illustrations that reveal something new with each viewing, the book will strike a chord with children and adults alike. It prods mature readers to contemplate their lives and imaginations, and charges the already bubbling creative juices of children.

The 64-page hard cover book costs US$15 at Radder. Shipping to Australia is US$11 for the first book and US$5.50 for each additional copy.


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