It’s dads v mums in the battle for baby’s first word

The battle to see if baby will say mum or dad first is one hard fought in many households. For one UK dad, the victory was so sweet it required victory laps of the lounge room and a special sketch to cement his title. But did he celebrate too soon?

Following on from his hilarious text series marking his wife’s first day back at work from maternity leave, UK dad Matt Coyne is at it again on his blog Man vs Baby.

Matt starts the post by pointing out a few other words his son Charlie has come out with, including the name Bob instead of mummy before finally saying daddy.

The moment was made extra sweet given its timing close to Father’s Day, which is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in the UK.

“So, Charlie has yet to say mummy..and, I’m not going to lie, it has been a hard fought, sometimes under-hand, battle for whether he would say mummy or daddy first,” Matt wrote.

“But, knowing this defeat would be tough on Lyndsay, I was sensitive to her feelings.. It’s always best to accept victory with grace and humility.

“So, I restricted my celebrations to just a few dignified laps around the house, with Charlie held aloft, singing ‘We are the Champions‘ and an hour or so of pointing at Lyns and chanting: ‘Who are yer? Who are yer?’ Etc.. while she sat and ate her tea. We also drew her a little picture to cheer her up.

“In your face, Bob.. In your face.”

It seems Bob…or more Lyndsay (whoops) may have the last laugh though, with Matt’s followers pointing out a key flaw in hearing little Charlie recite his title first – there’s no stopping him now.

“I taught my two to say daddy first. That way at three in the morning all you get is ‘daddy daddy’ – off you go dear, little one wants YOU,” follower Cathy Miles writes.

Matt has since started back-tracking from his original post.

“Sh*t. Everyone seems to be pointing out that this may mean I have to get up in the night more often… now I think about it, I couldn’t swear it was ‘daddy’… in fact it sounded more like ‘rabbit’ or ‘bladder’,” he wrote.

One man who seems to know victory on the other side of the battle, is Melbourne dad-of-two Cameron Smith.

He posted an oh-so-adorable video of his two toddlers Charlotte and Louis saying mum on repeat.

It really is too cute for words but imagine it on loop in the early hours of the night and we understand Cameron’s caption, “feeling thankful ‘Dad’ isn’t in the vocab yet!”.


Feeling thankful “Dad” isn’t in the vocab yet!

A video posted by Cameron Smith (@camsmithy) on

We at Babyology love what dads bring to the table, from dads such as Brad Kearns who acknowledges when he can’t do it alone to dads such as Jordan Watson who have it all figured out and are happy to share their wisdom on things like how to put baby to sleep. Do you know a great dad?

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