Dad’s photo of wife and daughter is an important reminder for all mums

kylie hart and kiddo

When a gorgeous, expectant mum clapped eyes on a sneaky pic her husband had taken, she realised just how important these “stolen moments” can be – and started to cry.

“Beautiful moments”

New South Wales mum Kylie Hart’s parenting experience mirrors that of many other mums.

She’s often taking photos of her daughter with her husband and others, but very rarely pops up in the family album herself.

“There are so many beautiful moments of my husband and our daughter but none of me,” Kylie wrote.

“Till the other day my husband sent me this lovely photo, I was so happy to receive it I started to cry.”

We totally understand the tears. Not only is this candid snap completely beautiful, it’s a reminder of how important it is to keep mums in the picture too.

Ace work, Kylie’s hubby!

We know other mums will relate. Perceived beauty ideals and the perfection pressure Instagram doles out means many, many mothers are opting out of the family album.

Long gone are the days when we’d whack any old red-eyed snap under a sheet of plastic, next to an equally candid bare-bottomed baby photo, smooth the page neatly and snap the album closed, satisfied.

Now we’re editing our photos before they see the light of day, deleting them in disappointment or not bothering to take them at all. The madness has to stop!

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A movement?

Bron’s not the only one pushing for more mum, more of the time. Other high-profile bloggers are lobbying their followers to get the heck into the family album, too.

Constance Hall unwaveringly rejects styled perfection in favour of candidly documenting family life, as often as possible. She encourages others to do the same via a kind of online osmosis, and frankly – and wisely – it would never occur to her to exclude herself from images documenting her life.

The Young Mummy’s Sophie Cachia also advocates for more mum moments as the default, rather than the exception. Sophie captures the pleasure and pain of parenting with equal enthusiasm, very often including her candid self in the frame. Again, why wouldn’t she?!



And yet, for many, many mums, getting in the photo – and recording their own journey through motherhood – does not come naturally.

Kylie’s post – and the beautiful shot her husband captured – proves just how powerful and precious seeing ourselves as mothers can be.

We can learn some important lessons about valuing and celebrating mum-ing from the likes of Kylie, Bron, Sophie and Con.

Make sure your partner, mum, bestie, self-timing mechanism are PRIMED to record your life with your kids. You don’t always have to snap obviously significant occasions. Very often the unguarded, everyday mini-moments are the very best.

Isn’t it time you popped yourself, front and centre, back into your family album, where you belong?

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