Dad’s message for parents of twins at the airport: “You are kicking ass”

Travelling with little kids is HARD. So when daddy blogger, Clint Edwards, spied a couple wrangling toddler twins at the airport last week he couldn’t resist giving them a Facebook shout out – and not surprisingly, it’s gone viral.

“I’ve been there”

Going on holidays or travelling anywhere with children is seriously enough to make families want to stay at home, but of course sometimes it’s inevitable. Father of three and blogger at No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog, Clint Edwards, knows first hand how difficult it is to wrangle small kids – especially when travelling.

“Taking kids to the airport sucks so bad…I’ve been there so many times, and I know that it can feel like you’re losing it.”

When at Spokane, Washington airport last week (sans kids for the first time in years), he saw two frazzled “parenting champs” who were “kicking ass” as they changed nappies, soothed cries and stopped their twins from toddling into a restaurant (all while their plane was about to leave) – he couldn’t help but give them a big public high five on his Facebook account. Instantly striking a chord with parents everywhere – the post has already received over 6,000 likes.

I'm at the Spokane airport waiting for a flight to Portland. I was speaking at a conference. This is one of the few…

Posted by No Idea What I'm Doing: A Daddy Blog on Saturday, 24 June 2017

“You are doing something right”

Clint wanted to acknowledge how difficult it is to be in tricky public situations with kids, and that despite looking frazzled the couple were doing a smashing job – whether they knew it or not.

“As parents, I think it’s good to hear that you are doing something right. And nothing can feel more wrong than taking small kids to the airport, or out to dinner, or to the mall, or to any other number of stressful parenting situations. And in that moment, when you’re knee deep in a steaming hot public toddler meltdown, it can feel like you are failing. But you know what, you’re not. If you are there, and you are caring for your children, you are doing exactly what you should.”

The parents revealed

The social post even made its way back to the mother featured in the photo, Christie Bienemann of Burlingame, California who recognised herself and reached out to the blogger.

“Thank you for the post! This was my husband and I with our almost 14 month-old twins! Traveling with little ones is definitely NOT easy and we were pretty exhausted, not gonna lie! Appreciate the encouragement!”

Apparently it was also the family’s third flight in two days, with a long car trip to follow afterwards. What?!

Hats off to these legend parents who dare to travel and to Clint for the awesome shout out, giving encouragement to stressed parents everywhere. You’ve got this!

Have you travelled with small children recently?



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