Dad’s inspiring photos of “flying” son to raise Down Syndrome awareness


We all think our kids are amazing and we tell them they can do anything they put their minds to. But one dad has taken the notion a step further, to ensure his son doesn’t feel limited because he has Down Syndrome. He’s literally giving flight to his son’s dream.

At some point or another, as parents, we wish we could give wings to our children’s dreams. Sometimes those dreams are simple, but sometimes they are so unattainable that it aches to tell them what they want just isn’t possible. Utah father Alan Lawrence knew the world would place a myriad of limits on his son William, who was born with Down Syndrome. So he set out to prove to little Wil that the sky is the limit by making his dream of flying a reality.


Alan says Wil was headstrong about flying from an early age. “Wil has always wanted to fly ever since he learned to roll on his stomach. When on his stomach he likes to throw his arms behind his back and wiggle his feet and my family and I have always joked that he will one day take off,” he says.


As a photographer, Alan knew he could give his son “wings”, by taking composite photos of him holding Wil up, and then Photoshopping himself out of the image. What started as a weekly amusement on his Instagram account soon snowballed into an idea to connect with others who are keen to shake off the limits imposed by the world.


Alan has now started the Kickstarter campaign Wil Can Fly. The aim is to create a series of calendars that will share his positive message for three to four years. Half of the proceeds from the sale of each calendar will be donated to two Down Syndrome foundations, Ruby’s Rainbows and Reece’s Rainbows.


Not surprisingly, the Kickstarter campaign has attracted enough funding, so we’re looking forward to seeing these incredible and inspiring images made into a fundraising set of calendars. If you want to continue following Wil’s journey, the family has created a YouTube channel, Bringing Light.



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