Dad’s dying wish to leave sun safety message using Lego

An Aussie dad diagnosed with terminal cancer is hoping to leave behind a sun-safe message as his legacy using Lego.

He has teamed up with his six-year-old son Aiden to design a Surf Rescue Lego set to capture the fun and risks at the beach, including a strong sun safety message.

Dying wish

Given just three months left to live, 42-year-old Damien MacRae broke the news on Facebook that his three-and-a-half year cancer fight was coming to an end in this heartbreaking post:

“If you would indulge me, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, I have one dying wish: to reach the 10,000 votes and have Lego at least consider building the set,” Damien wrote.

He says Aiden is aware of his diagnosis but doesn’t quite understand it all.

“We have been talking to Aiden about how daddy is sick and is getting sicker, we haven’t told him the exact details,” Damien told Seven News.

Damian has set up a special Facebook page, Lego Surf Rescue, dedicated to spreading the word about his Lego design and the important safety message it holds.

Lego legacy

Damien explains the inspiration behind their submission to Lego in detail.

“I have stage four skin cancer, so my son Aiden and I thought we’d build a set that celebrated heroes that wear sunscreen,” Damien says.

“Our Surf Rescue set includes four sun smart surf rescuers, a patrol tower, shark-spotting drone, jet ski, quad bike, rockpool, surf, sand and a whole lot more.”

Quest to complete the set

Damien hopes the creators at Lego adopt his design and make a childhood wish come true.

“I’m Australian and like most Aussies I spent a good portion of my childhood at the beach,” he says.

“I also spent a good portion of my childhood playing with Lego and I always wanted to add a beach set to my Lego town but could never find one.

“Fast forward a few decades and I’m now playing Lego with my six-year-old son Aiden. And we still can’t find a beach set to add to our Lego town.”

What’s in the Lego set?

The proposed set includes a patrol tower and four minifigs who make up the Surf Rescue Team. Each of the minifigs is named after a celebrity who has had personal experience with skin cancer.

The set also includes a shark-spotting drone, iconic Australian red and yellow flags and beach appropriate vehicles – a quad bike, a jet ski and an inflatable rescue boat.

How you can help

If you want to help make Damien’s dying wish come true and support his important sun safety message, you can help by voting.

In order for Lego creators to consider the Surf Rescue set, they need at least 10,000 votes. At the time of writing, they have received just over 8000.

(images via Facebook)

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