Dad transforms 3-year-old into awesome-yet-tiny Wonder Woman

When US dad Josh Rossi set about making his little girl Nellee’s Wonder Woman dream come true, he had a lot to factor in. Not only did the shoot require a pretty complex costume and some serious shot lists, 3-year-old Nellee’s nap time was just over 90 minutes away! The clock was most certainly ticking, but we think you’ll agree Josh totally nailed it.

Superhero twinning

Josh Rossi, a photographer and digital artist, says the launch of a brand new Wonder Woman film piqued his daughter’s interest. Instantly she really, really wanted to transform into (almost) everybody’s favourite superhero, so Josh, together with Nellee’s mum Roxana, set about making her wish come true.

It took months of planning, working with McGrews studio in Salt Lake City to create an accurate costume gleaned from the Wonder Woman film trailer.

Meanwhile, Roxana spent hours watching the trailer over and over with her daughter, practising ‘Wonder Woman face’ and perfecting power stances!

Method acting

Not satisfied with taking inspiration from the 2017 flick, the family watched the 1970s series together too, gathering all the intel they could so that Nellee felt Wonder Woman ready.

On the big day, Nellee (aka Tiny Wonder Woman) suited up and brought her best kick-butt WW attitude. Her mum and dad brought snacks and crossed their fingers as they had just a couple of hours to make the magic happen.

They needn’t have worried though. What unfolded was super amazing. Wondrous, even.

Nellee TOTALLY nailed her role, with the help of an outstanding support crew, and Josh managed to get the multiple shots he needed to stitch together the complex composite images.




You can see all the final images in all their glory here. You can also watch how things played out below (and get a sneak peek into how the composite images were created).

This gang worked so hard and so passionately on their awesome project together. And who wouldn’t want to be Wonder Woman for a day?! Nice work, Rossi family!

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