This dad shows just how to roll when it comes to public breastfeeding

Mums don’t have to go it alone when breastfeeding in public. Here’s how dads can get in on the act.

Some dads might follow in Chris Allen’s footsteps and create a makeshift breast using a top and bottle or check out what Californian mum Danielle Solito’s husband Jason just did to show his support.

In a photo shared on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, Danielle is nursing her 15-month-old daughter Emma in Target with help from Jason, who is simply pushing her along in a shopping trolley.

“When you’ve been in the Target toy section for 45 minutes with your 10-year-old birthday girl and the 15-month-old wants to nurse, you take their seat and nurse her while the hubs pushes you around,” the caption says.

Danielle told ABC News Emma began fussing as her other daughter, 10-year-old Ava, browsed to spend her birthday gift cards.

“There’s a huge age gap and our kids are on totally different pages,” she says.

“This was a way I could stay present with Ava.”

Of course, the photo went viral and received a mix of negative and positive responses.

But Breastfeeding Mama Talk page founder Kristy Kemp was quick to shut down any judgement, with a very strong message for Danielle.

“I love supportive daddies , I love that you breastfeed in public with no shame, I love that you’re showing you can multitask and don’t have to completely stop life because you breastfeed, and I love family photos in general. Just love it all hahaha,” Kristy wrote.

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