Dad shares tale of toddlers vs pet: “Once a week I find our cat like this”

Fairy Cat

Parents who have pets will be totally familiar with this cat’s futile struggle against the formidable powers of two sparkle-loving little girls.

I have two young daughters. About once a week I find our cat like this. from daddit

Living meow best life

“So, this is my life now,” the cat (might have) said, as it stared down the barrel of the camera, huddled on a pillow and shamefully resplendent in a pair of sparkly pink fairy wings.

“I have two young daughters,” a Reddit dad captioned the image. “About once a week I find our cat like this.” 

The fact that the cat appears to be wincing in regret did not go unnoticed. When other Redditors questioned whether the cat was “defeated” by this tiny make-over team, and fighting a “battle it could not win” the Reddit dad begged to differ.

This is meow life now

He explained that his cat was very complicated, and nuance was its middle name. Submitting to dress-ups was just one part of a complex character that hat-tipped some good old-fashioned punching and pouncing right alongside the odd surprising pretty accessory. Live and let live.

“When he gets outside, he’s very territorial,” Reddit cat dad elaborated proudly. “He’ll chase anything off our lawn. But when he’s around our kids, he’s so docile.”

“He sits there and takes it and only tries to sneak away when they aren’t looking. He’s 9 in the summer. He’s in good health though.”

The struggle is real

Other mums and dads chimed in with similar stories of tolerant, terrorised or embarrassed cats.

“We have the same problem,” another parent wrote sympathetically,”but it’s devil wings from a baby Halloween costume.”

“Heard the cat crying a few days ago,” another user posted. “I looked up from my phone to find my 2 year old carrying the cat around the living room. I don’t feel too bad for it, it gives as much as it takes.”

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