Dad recounts how his daughter’s playground proposal took an hilarious turn

Proving children can be quite resourceful when they put their minds to it, one little boy has gone above and beyond to propose to his schoolyard crush.

Taking his mum’s engagement ring, adorned with three large diamonds, Tommy made sure he was well-placed to get a yes from his little love Millie.

Naturally Millie rushed home to tell her parents the good news.

It could have been easily dismissed as cute play time but when Millie produced the very elaborate and obviously expensive ring from her schoolbag, her parents knew Tommy meant business.

Still fighting laughter, Millie’s dad recounts the story in all its hilarity.

Here is the full video posted to Facebook page The LAD Bible.

“So Tommy’s proposed to Millie and she keeps telling us she’s got a ring in her bag, so like anyone we was expecting the Haribo ring,” Millie’s dad explains before asking his daughter to go and get the ring Tommy gave her.

Then holding up the ring, he continues: “Tommy has stolen his mother’s engagement ring. Three enormous diamonds. And proposed to Millie. Go on then Tommy!”


Turns out, Tommy isn’t the first to have the idea to repurpose a ring belonging to a family member.

Sabor A Mi wrote in the comments: “I had this happen when I was in elementary school. A boy that fancied me took his grandma’s expensive ring and tried giving it to me. Haha!!!”

And Helen O’Neill has a similar story: “When I was about eight, my boyfriend asked me to marry him and gave me his mum’s wedding ring! I took it home and my mum told me to take it back, he wouldn’t take it saying his mum wasn’t married anymore so doesn’t need it!”

But perhaps the sweetest comment was from Stacey Perkins: “I had a boy give me his mother’s wedding ring in the first grade. I was so upset when my mum made me give it back. Fourteen years later he bought me an engagement ring, my mom let me keep this one. We have now been married for 20 years.”

We would love to hear stories of your little Casanovas.

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