Dad makes spectacular Star Wars rocker for his little Princess Leia

This daddy DIY is out of this world. In fact, it’s out of this galaxy. The Force is clearly strong in this father who built his young Princess Leia a rocking speeder bike. And you too can be this awesome, because he’s released the instructions. Get your power tools and lightsabers at the ready.

Stuck for what to get your daughter for her first birthday? You could have a look through our brilliant birthday gift guide for one-year-olds, or you could build her a Rocking Speeder Bike. Because there’s nothing more amazing than Star Wars. There’s really not.


In my humble, yet completed biased opinion, this well may be the best DIY birthday gift ever. Dad Tez Gelmir says he’s built his son plenty of things, but he thought it was time his daughter got some home-made love. So a Rocking Speeder Bike it was. Skill level: Jedi.

For those unfamiliar with said bikes (for shame!), they are super fast, agile craft that were used in Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi by Luke Skywalker and Princes Leia to try and outrun Imperial Storm Troopers on Endor.


Tez explains on Instructables, where he details how to make this movie masterpiece, that he really had no idea just how involved the construction would be. He based the bike on an original concept drawing that he found on the net, and took some creative licence so that it worked as a sturdy child’s rocker.


Now, I’m not the handywoman type, so I’ll keep this simple, Tez used mainly plywood and PVC tube to create the rocker, which is honestly a work of art.


He created this handy video which takes you through some of the steps, and the more detailed workflow is on Instructables

We love this seriously cool Star Wars hack! If you’re a Star Wars tragic, you’ll love our round-up of all things for young Jedi Knights, and news of new Star Wars lands being created at Disney theme parks.

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