Dad & daughter duo’s inspiring acts of kindness

This refreshing take on the art of giving is heart-warming. A little girl and her father embarked on two weeks of pure joy – bestowing 39 random acts of kindness in honour of their birthdays. While the acts may be small, they add up to a monumental lesson in altruism.

Children quickly learn that birthdays are a big deal. It means turning a year older, cake and presents. But for her seventh birthday, Amelie Beck wanted to be the gift giver. And what she wanted to give was kindness.


Her father Lee also celebrates his birthday in May – this year he turned 32, and his daughter, seven. Amelie decided that to mark the occasions, they should undertake 39 random acts of kindness.


“(Amelie) regularly remarks about kindness, and is generally very loving, so I knew she would be keen to do this challenge,” Lee tells ABC News.

Over the course of two weeks, the pair performed the acts of kindness around their home town of Oxford, in England.


The acts included picking up rubbish at a park, donating children’s books to a library, giving out free bubbles to children and putting money into vending machines and rides for the next person to enjoy. One of the most thoughtful acts was leaving a bowl full of coins at a wishing spot. The father and daughter then sat and watched people make wishes. They also made donations to charities.


“Words can’t describe how proud I am of (Amelie) for being so enthusiastic about this,” her father says.

“…It has been a very emotional time as we have learned about various causes, and we have a lot of memories to take away from it all. We will certainly be doing some kind acts next year.”

The dad and daughter duo also hope that their story will inspire others to perform small acts of kindness in their corners of the world.

(via Daily Mail)

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