Dad bods – hot or not?


Seen all the fuss about the dad bod? It nearly broke the internet. And now that’s summer’s well and truly here, it’s coming to a beach or pool near you. If you have been living in a cave and missed all the fuss about the dad bod, with its visible stomach paunch, here is my (admittedly biased) definition.

What exactly is a dad bod?

A dad bod is a comfortable compromise with life and the varied demands of parenthood. (In my humble and qualified opinion, you are not permitted to claim a dad bod if you are not a dad.) Love handles – definitely. Belly? A small one when you sit down. Paunch visible when standing up? Likely, though it depends if you cheat and hold your breath in.

I also love this (crowdsourced) version on Urban Dictionary: “The dad bod is more mudslide than mountain, more soft serve than sorbet, more sad trombone than clarinet, more mashed potato than skinny fry. The dad bod is built for comfort.” Thank you Adam Sandler for helping us visualise this.

It’s a question of expectations

Let’s face it, the dad bod isn’t new – men have had paunches (and more) since supermarkets came along. There is even scientific proof that guys gain weight after becoming dads. But I do I think expectations have changed. Not only do we know that a gut isn’t great for us, but there are also all these celebrity dads running around, who have raised the bar ever so slightly. Yep, I’m talking to you, Michael Buble.


A photo posted by Michael Bublé (@michaelbuble) on

And you, Chris Hemsworth.


A photo posted by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on

And also you, Channing Tatum.

Want to see the men of Magic Mike up close and personal? #MagicMikeXXL is looking for 300 extras for a fun scene shoot next week in Georgia! More info:

Posted by Channing Tatum on Thursday, 16 October 2014

Ever seen David Beckham (father to Brooklyn, Romeo, Harper and Cruz) looking anything but immaculate and sculpted? Of course you haven’t. But he doesn’t exactly work nine to five and do all the stuff regular dads do. (And how many nannies do the Beckhams have?) At least I hope he doesn’t, because where does he find the time?

And then there’s actors like father-of-three Matthew McConaughey and dad-of-one Chris Pratt who seem to bounce between super dad bod and super buff.


A photo posted by Camila Alves (@iamcamilaalves) on


A photo posted by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

What about the mum bod?

No matter your personal preference (comfortable or toned), the dad bod thing does raise the question, what about the mum bod? Does such a phenomenon exist? Or is all the fuss over dad bods a symptom of the (sad) double standards that exist when it comes to the sexes? Some on Twitter are (rightly) sceptical:

I think everyone deserves a little slack (literally) when bub comes along. And really, what’s a little paunch between friends?

(Featured image via Z Living)

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