‘Being a dad is an absolute gift,’ Aussie dad’s declaration goes viral

Proving dads really do get it, an Australian man has written a heartfelt post declaring fatherhood a “gift” and expressing gratitude to the mother of his three boys.

Luke Holloway has taken to Facebook to reflect on the past 12 months as he shares last year’s Santa photo featuring him, his partner Hayley and their eldest son.

The proud dad starts by saying there will be two new additions to the family Santa snap this year after he and Hayley welcomed twins. He then shares a powerful message with fellow fathers about appreciating their role.

“Be grateful for that gift and the massive sacrifice that the mother has undergone for you,” he writes. “Be good to that gift. Be good to the giver. Don’t ever take either for granted.”

Here’s the full post:

After beautifully explaining the changes he watched Hayley go through when having their children, Luke notes the hormonal and physical changes men are spared.

“Is it fair? Hell no. It’s not fair. But you can make it fair,” Luke writes. “Share the load and give her time to find herself again because at the moment every moment of energy is being offered to your children and nothing for herself.”

Luke says dads need to be aware of what women go through and to be prepared to raise the children 50/50. He continues saying that if he had a daughter he’d want her partner to step up and do his part.

“Care for the kids, change the nappies, bath, play, make dinner, feed and clean up,” he wrote. “When he’s finished cleaning up, he spends some time with her, detangling her internal stresses, clearing her worry. Making sure she realises she’s important.

“Reassure her that the constant barrage of “I’m not good enough” is just hormonal. She is good enough. We are good enough. We created this family together and we will build it together.”

Luke doesn’t hold back as he considers the paid work of some dads.

“If you’re the breadwinner, come home and bloody well help your wife,” he writes. “Your life at work is a helluva lot easier than your life at home. You’re at least appreciated for something.”

“If you’re not the breadwinner, you better make sure your contribution to the family is so much more than your wife’s. If you’re one of these husboys who plays Xbox or lego and goes out drinking with the boys every weekend or find any excuse to leave the house to escape the children then its time to man up because your wife is actually your mother.”


Luke ends his powerful post with a nod to dads doing the right thing and a big shout out to mums. “We appreciate you,” he writes.

Awesome dad doing a great job

Besides winning on the internet with his awesomeness, Luke seems to have struck a chord with many.

More than 15,000 people reacted to the post, it was shared more than 2800 times and received more than 3500 comments.

Lucy Martin wrote: “What a fantastic man for these children to look up to. This couple are so lucky to have found each other. The woman must be a brilliant soul to bring out the best in this man.”

And Jen Winter wrote: “OMG! What a MAN! To come out publicly on Facebook and say all of that! You are an inspiration to your family and your parents should be very proud of you! And it sounds like your boys are going to be a chip off the old block!”

We would love to hear about any awesome dads you know.

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