Dabbawalla – keeping lunch cool!


First up let me make clear that my seven year old daughter’s school bag is all about the pencil case and lunch container. The kid loves unique, quirky and cute things, which are often so hard to find. Having said that, a Dabbawalla lunch bag would be the jewel in the crown for her… and upon presenting it, I could be the coolest mum ever – in her eyes – for about twenty four hours. But as I’ve already spent the summer holidays trawling shops for the perfect lunch bag this may not be on the cards.

I will say that adults too will be thrilled with these gorgeous lunch bags because they’re made from that magical material – neoprene. Neoprene insulates, keeping lunch contents cool, is soft so protects precious cargo such as fruit, doesn’t stain and best of all – it can be thrown in the washing machine!

Of course there are loads of other great things: they’re a superb size so they carry everything, have a zip closure so nothing falls out, a zipped inside pocket (fabulous for canteen change that so often gets lost), padded handles and have I said they’re as cute as cute can get?

Dabawalla makes four different designs so you can choose from the apple (my favourite), cow, slice of watermelon, or a really cute bug. You can get yours at Piccollini for US$38 with international shipping to Australia available. I’ll meet you there because I really do want to be the coolest mum my seven year old knows!


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