The cute toddler still convincing us all to stop eating meat

Luiz Antonio Cover

Kids say the darndest things; but sometimes they come out with observations that are so bang-on that it makes you question your own beliefs. And this video is a perfect example.

What began as a conversation between one little boy and his mother has now turned into a viral message and a beautiful reminder that you are never too young to show compassion toward animals.

“These animals… you gotta take care of them… and not eat them.”

This is one of the many perceptive comments that Brazilian toddler Luiz Antonio tell his mother as she tries to feed him octopus for dinner. Luiz’ mother films her son discussing his dinner menu and arguing that animals should not be food.

“Nobody eats children. No, they are animals,” three-year-old Luiz explains to his mother with wide-eyes and a gentle voice. “When we eat animals they die. I don’t like that they die. I like that they stay standing up.”

Little Luiz’ reasoning is so advanced that the two-minute video has gone viral, has been translated into several languages and has been shared by millions. Luiz’ mother Raffaella Ciavatta says, “It just goes to show that one person really can impact millions.”

I will admit that this touching video made me question my food choices and demonstrates just how compassionate children are, even from a young age.

Ciavatta has a hard time containing her emotion over her son’s epiphany. Luiz notices his mother is in tears after listening to his heartfelt argument and he calmly asks, “Why are you crying?”

“I’m not crying,” his mother responds. “I’m just touched by you.”

“I’m doing something beautiful?” Luiz asks.

He certainly is.

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