Too cute! 8 totally random things that make all babies laugh

Seeing your baby smile for the first time is heart-warming. Witnessing your baby’s first chuckle is delightful. But seeing your baby have a hysterical laughing fit is probably one of the most hilarious things you will ever see.

Not sure what tickles your bub’s funny bone? Here are some things that are pretty much guaranteed to get your little one guffawing with the best of them, brought to you by YouTube. Thanks, YouTube.

*Warning: this will probably make your day!*

8 things that your baby will probably find hilarious

1. Eating asparagus

We love little Brooklyn’s silent laugh. Best. Ever.

2. Blowing a dandelion

Buzz’s two bottom teeth make this chuckle pretty much the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

3. Ripping paper

Watch the face as this dad rips up a job rejection letter in front of his daughter. Also, a sure-fire way to make you feel better about junk mail, overdue bills and unfair parking fines.

4. A dog eating popcorn

We didn’t even know dogs ate popcorn? And yes, can see why it would be hilarious!

5. In fact, all dogs in general

We get it. Dogs are pretty much the funniest creatures on the planet.

6. Saying ‘boo’

You know it’s hilarious when they fall over in the middle of a laughing fit. #rofl

7. Sneezing

Yep, sometimes that’s all it takes. And gosh, we love this little dude’s laugh.

8. Having quadruplets

When you have quads, there’s always at least one making the others laugh. And baby laughter times four is pure awesomeness!

What’s your favourite way to make your baby laugh?

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