Custom made toys from Andreas Linzner

I warn you now. You’ll want them all. Scrumptious handmade toys from German designer
Andreas Linzner,
are completely irresistible in both unique vintage fabrics and plains. There are elephants, giraffes,
monkeys, pigs and donkeys, just to name a few.

You can even send in your own favourite terry towel for transformation into a critter.
If you’re like me though, and haven’t a fondness for a particular towel, the thrill of
the hunt for just the right fabric should set the pulse racing.
If there’s something second to my love of beautiful baby products, it has to be vintage fabric.

A tailor by trade, Linzner developed a passion for terry cloth of the
60s and 70s and then matching each design to a particular animal.
The colour and pattern of the cloth dictates the form it will finally

You’ll want a whole zoo of these delectable toys. Their charm is undeniable. Retro, striped, flowered, zig-zagged and spotted –
crafted under the eyes of a true artisan, these soft yet hardy beauties will play host to many childhood memories.

Available through the Andreas Linzner website, with prices starting at Ä39.90 and luckily they ship to Australia.

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