Crumpler release bags for the little ones!


Crumpler make unbeatable bags which happen to be ultra-groovy and the ultimate in build quality. It was only a matter of time until Crumpler tapped the kiddy market – the shapes and colours of the bags lend themselves beautifully to children’s products and these two new releases are scaled-down versions of popular adult styles.

The ‘Baby Pea’ up there on the left is a small version of ‘The Yee Ross’ daypack and will hold some eats, toys, a jacket and raincoat very comfortably. ‘The Baby Anchovy’  – the mini version of ‘The Seedybar’ pack –  is made to fit a bit more inside for older or larger kids, or those with lots to carry. It has a reflective strip for the safety of bike riding kidlets.

It’ll be neat to see kids with smaller versions of their parent’s backpacks. Finally a super-cool way to wear a family look! The ‘Pea’ is $60 and the ‘Anchovy is $70, plus shipping, from Crumpler. Alternatively, pop into one of their stores. There are 1300 worldwide, so chances are you could be passing one real soon.


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